Sustainable Services

We provide mechanical and electrical engineering input and can provide information to clients and other architectural practices about what exceeds standard building services design.

Our knowledge of sustainable design issues such as solar gain, daylighting, natural ventilation and air tightness helps the design team create low-energy buildings with a pleasant and healthy internal climate.

Our sustainable experience

We also have a wide experience of renewable energy installations and innovative “green” technology.

As well as having an enthusiasm for designing sustainable low-energy developments, we aim to provide buildings that are easy to maintain and simple to operate.

Our engineers provide an integrated approach to environmentally sustainable building design where the building services and architecture are considered as one entity from ‘Day1’.

This complimentary approach ensures greater harmony between structure and services and promotes the successful embodiment of sustainability in all its forms.

We provide these for all clients to help YOU become sustainable too.

  • design energy efficient servicing on all levels
  • deisgn and intergrate rainwater recycling systems
  • design and intergrate a waste management strategy
  • provide systems that are low cost and are reliable