Architectural History

Fundamentals of architecture

The client plays a key role in a building project.

All the way through the process, you will need to understand the ins and outs of the procurement process, to know how to get good design quality, be able to consult stakeholders effectively and integrate sustainability and inclusive design in your project.

The principles of being a good client also help build sucessful building projects are underpinned by strong, organised client teams. What does it take to be a good client – and what are the downsides of not following those principles?

The role of the client in building projects

As a client, you’ll work with experts to deliver your building project. Although you may not have their subject expertise, your overriding role as the client is just as important.

Travelling abroad can help to see the results of integrated architectural design.

Time, quality and cost

Getting a project right is a balancing act. Time, cost and quality tend to pull in different directions, and all have different risks, but a successful project needs to strike the right balance between all three.