Sustainable Services

We provide mechanical and electrical engineering input and can provide information to clients and other architectural practices about what exceeds standard building services design. Our knowledge of sustainable design issues such as solar gain, day lighting, natural ventilation and air tightness helps the design team create low-energy buildings with a pleasant and healthy internal climate. […]

Engineering Drawings & Planning Contracts

Design work is completed to the required standards using AutoCAD drafting software. Electronic copies can be submitted quickly and efficiently to your planning authority or building control department via the planning portal and building control portal, or simply emailed directly to the appropriate planning officer or building inspector. Specialist architectural services Planning Applications Building Control […]

Architectural History

Fundamentals of architecture The client plays a key role in a building project. All the way through the process, you will need to understand the ins and outs of the procurement process, to know how to get good design quality, be able to consult stakeholders effectively and integrate sustainability and inclusive design in your project. […]

Environmental Architecture

Changes for our environmental home Recognising that site conditions change, and the constant changing environment, we need to develop new technologies that benefit both us and our climate. Personal preferences differ, so we have developed a range of systems that allows for different configurations of systems working together, with each option achieving a Zero Carbon […]

Our Previous and Current Projects

Projects We have worked on projects all over the world from the Chester Zoo development to The Old Vic and Churchill War Rooms. Part of the architectural profession, and also some non-architects, responded to Modernism and Postmodernism by going to what they considered the root of the problem. They felt that architecture was not a personal philosophical or aesthetic pursuit […]

Building Regulations and Documentation

The architect has the task and responsibility to document the design concept in such manner as to provide detailed drawings and information used by the various contractors, directly. In this, there is a transition that is required to convert design language to construction terms and information, directions and instructions. We can work to many requirements […]