Design a home that won’t waste energy

Cool Roofs & Insulation Start from the top and work your way down, get yourself a roof that stay cool in the summer and collects heat in the winter. What you need is a “cool roof”, the latest innovation in eco-homes, made from reflective materials; these roofs reflect the sunlight which reduces the amount of […]

Environmental Architecture

Changes for our environmental home Recognising that site conditions change, and the constant changing environment, we need to develop new technologies that benefit both us and our climate. Personal preferences differ, so we have developed a range of systems that allows for different configurations of systems working together, with each option achieving a Zero Carbon […]

Sustainable Services

We provide mechanical and electrical engineering input and can provide information to clients and other architectural practices about what exceeds standard building services design. Our knowledge of sustainable design issues such as solar gain, daylighting, natural ventilation and air tightness helps the design team create low-energy buildings with a pleasant and healthy internal climate. Our […]