Design a home that won’t waste energy

Cool Roofs & Insulation

Start from the top and work your way down, get yourself a roof that stay cool in the summer and collects heat in the winter. What you need is a “cool roof”, the latest innovation in eco-homes, made from reflective materials; these roofs reflect the sunlight which reduces the amount of heat absorbed. Enjoy your summer at home without feeling stuffy.

We are one step ahead for when winter comes; cool roofs can work with insulation to trap thermal energy in the home when required from thermal energy.

Have the best of both worlds and to make it even better, if you live in England or Scotland you may even be eligible for free loft insulation, click here to see if you’re eligible. Insulation grants are available to homeowners in England and Scotland, so don’t miss out on your free insulation.

Ultra-Efficient Homes

A combination of the latest energy efficient systems including; construction, lighting, electronics and renewable energy systems, a synergy of applications.

Location is key if you want your home to reach maximum efficiency as you to manipulate the local climate and the conditions of the immediate area.

Tank less or demand type water heaters

Just under 20% of your homes energy use is accounted for by water heating, this is because many heating systems are consistently heating water so that it can be used instantly. Tankless systems have simplified this system to make it more efficient by only providing hot water when needed; yes it really is that simple.

If you choose to design a eco-home with us we can work with you from start to finish, we work with some of the best contractors in the country. We can work with you from the very start with the designing of the property right down to the final cleaning. Any contractors that we work with will be run by you first but we only work with the very best across the UK.