Rooflights are a great idea if you want an interior room to be flooded with natural lighting. They provide more lighting than what vertical windows would. The process of choosing a skylight is simple, but following our guide will make it easier and you can see what’s available to you.

There is no better time to have your flat roof checked than when you are having rooflights fitted. You need a safe and secure flat roof before you can have any rooflight installed.

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Where is the best place to have rooflights installed?

Rooflights are the perfect alternative for windows as they are aesthetically pleasing and adds further dimension to a room as the amount of light entering increases massively. Loft conversions often have rooflights as well as dark corridors and kitchens with a single storey extension. They are also used in architect designs.

There are various terms for rooflights, include ‘roof windows’, ‘skylights’ and ‘velux roof windows’. However, the aim of each is to introduce daylight into a property. With several types of rooflights available you can choose something that suits you entirely, including fixed, opening, walk on and circular, all of which have their own contemporary styling. Find out the cost.

Walk On Glass Rooflights

Walk on rooflights are perfect for flat roof terraces or basements. The visual delight and instant wow all create a talking point for visitors which aids your property in having stunning aspects. We recommend contacting EOS Rooflights as they are one of the UK’s leading rooflight suppliers. Click here.

Not only this, but their glass is thicker than 30% of any other UK supplier, providing customers with a safer, secure product.

Automated Opening Rooflights

Opening rooflights are an ideal solution if you’re looking for ventilation or access to a roof area. You also have the opportunity to add rain and wind sensors to get a feel of the environment around you.  All rooflights are designed with the latest technology and innovative ideas to ensure a seamless creation that helps your property to look its best.